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Grab Your Sausage

The “Grab Your Sausage” Campaign

For this project we were tasked to create an eye catching campaign and its associated assets.

This campaign was targeted at professional trade users to support the launch of a brand new packaging format. We had to grab the attention of shoppers in builder and decorators merchants. Most of whom were already regular, habitual users of adhesives & sealants. But in the old plastic cartridges.


New Eco-Friendly Packaging

For decades the adhesives & sealants market for DIY and construction users had only offered products in plastic cartridge packaging. So, the new ECO-PACs would offer adhesive & sealant products with more eco-friendly packaging.

Armed with prior knowledge that our audience’s view on “environmentally friendly” products was rather cynical. We went about creating a campaign to first grab their attention in a cheeky way. One that first appeals to a sense of humour.

It was important to balance the eco-friendly credentials of the product with its other benefits. So for the graphics we combined core Hippo 072 blue with a shade of green to evoke a feeling of change towards something more eco friendly.



Coordinated Campaign Elements

Each campaign element was coordinated. Taking shoppers on a journey to the point of purchase, where they were presented with a financial decision.

New Hippo ECO-PAC Adhesives & Sealants Merchandising Display

Purposely designed so that the old and new packaging options were merchandised comparably side by side. The merchandising mirrored our launch strategy. Shoppers were offered the new 400ml ECO-PAC for the same equivalent price as the old plastic format, which only contained 290ml of product.


New Equipment

We needed to get the new applicator gun in to the hands of users. But first we had to show them how to use it. So we wrote, filmed and produced a “Grab Your Sausage” explain movie. TV screens designed into merchandising displays were used to play this. Playing on a loop with another movie highlighting the key benefits of Hippo PRO3.


Launch Promotion

The final component was the creation and execution of a generous promotion. This offered shoppers the opportunity to get the new applicator gun free of charge, in return for buying 2 packs and completed the shoppers journey.


Grab Two Sausages Promotion